Monday, October 24, 2011

TED, Toast, and Gilbert

Some people will claim that good things come in 3s.  For example, if you have a question - throw it out to the world and wait for the answers to come back to you.  If there are three separate instances confirming a certain response, then you know what to do.

My group of three came through the mail last week in one neat little bundle.  On the cover of Toastmaster magazine was a photo of Elizabeth Gilbert and the headline read, "TED TALKS and the World Listens."

Point #1:  My husband has been a member of Toastmasters for about a year and in that time, I have witnessed his confidence and skill grow in public speaking.  I saw him present his fifth speech and flabbergasted, I thought, "Who is this guy?"  I was impressed.  Since that speech, I have been reading the Toastmaster magazine faithfully, which is chocked full of great tips, not only about public speaking, but about leadership, volunteering, and creative ways to make positive change in the world.

Point #2:  This summer I saw a video of a TED talk.  This was my first exposure to TED which is essentially 18-minute talks on a variety of topics with the intention to inspire, question, or think outside the box.  Since TED was placed on my radar, the blips have been steady.  Colleagues mentioned Krista Tippett, who is all over TED and a friend mentions Jill Bolte Taylor and her talk, Stroke of Insight. On my own I discovered Joan Halifax.  If I want to ponder a subject, I know to turn to TED for some thought-provoking discussion.

Point #3:  I think Elizabeth Gilbert is a great writer and I admire how she creates through language.  When I saw that she was giving a talk on creativity, I was quick to click.

So what do all three of these things have in common?

For me, they reflect my values of empowerment, positivity, and passion, all tied up with a bow of authenticity.  All three resonate: practice, be creative, don't be afraid, be curious, ask questions, do the work - and maybe there is a bit of magical dust - some mysterious, yet powerful, stuff binding us together, urging us to do amazing things thought unimagineable - floating around, after all.

That answered my question.  Hopefully it answers some of yours.

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