Monday, December 17, 2012

I can learn to like hockey

All you hockey fans out there will cringe when I say this, but despite living in the "original Hockey Town, USA," I am just not that much of a fan. I know, it's like someone living in Hershey and not liking chocolate. Or living in Orlando and not giving a rip about Disney.

I have turned down hockey writing assignments, preferring to "LinkIn' and cue up other, far more knowledgeable writers than me.  What I do love, though, is the team spirit and cheering for the hometown. So when the local Chamber of Commerce wanted to submit an article to a hockey magazine on the newly, renovated hockey arena, I thought, I am all over that.

And, admittedly, what a fun experience it was.  I really do adore this little town and the new arena really is very exciting. And where else can you call up a professional player's mom to do a quick fact check? Exactly.

I like it more already.

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