Thursday, March 7, 2013

Do the taxes or wash the dishes?

My newly organized office space.

Aaaaahhh...that time of year.  

There really is a yucky scale - a This-task-is-unpleasant-but-not-as-unpleasant-as-that-task kind of scale. I’m talking taxes and housecleaning.

If I could afford it, I’d hire a housekeeper. But since it’s tax time, cleaning seems to land just above taxes on the Scale of Stuff I Don’t Like To Do, But Hey, It’s Gotta Get Done.

A friend texted me the other day. “I’m going to work on financials today. I have to fold the laundry. I think I’ll fold the laundry first.” Then later, “I think I’m going to organize my daughter’s bedroom.”

Yes, preparing taxes can cause trepidation, anxiety, fear and suddenly those undesirable tasks left unattended day after day, week after week, suddenly seem urgent and of utmost importance.  The upside to this form of procrastination: your house gets cleaner and the dog gets a bath, the downside – you still have to get your taxes done.

But just think: Once you get that darn paperwork out of the way, the sun will shine brighter and the flowers will peek through the snow just for YOU! Okay, maybe not, but you’ll feel a lot better and you can get back to the usual order of business of neglecting the plants and ignoring the dust bunnies.

Happy Tax Preparation!

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