Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Ignore the Crying Baby

A backpack is a great place to have baby. (Until he starts pulling your hair.)
A backpack is a great place to have baby. (Until he starts pulling your hair.)

Weekly Red Shoes Update

October 4, 2016

“Ignore the crying baby.”

This is a running joke between my cousin and me when we talk on the phone. If you have kids, you know how it goes. Children are settled, either playing nicely or doing homework. All is quiet – that is until you want to talk on the phone. These days with texting and whatnot, I swear I’m hardly on the phone, yet this Law of Children prevails.
Baby reads.
Baby reads.

Not that I’m letting the baby suffer, mind you. (I've provided pictorial evidence!) It’s just that sometimes the baby is going to cry and no matter how many graham crackers and sippy cups of water I offer him, he’s going to remain cranky until said crankiness has gotten out of his system. (Especially when mom is on the phone.) I have five kids. Trust me.

Baby plays piano with his sister.
But for every moment when you “ignore the baby,” there are a thousand more when you do NOT ignore the baby. Or the preschooler, or the tween, or the junior higher or the high schooler. These moments add up so fast that before you know it, you’ve reached the end of the day and you realize that, as a writer, you haven’t written squat. Does that mean you’re not a writer?

Absolutely not!

I recently read a blog post about how to get back at it when you’ve had a lapse, a jag, a dry spell. Unfortunately I can’t link back to it, because I can’t find it. (What can I say except that it was a link I clicked on in my Twitter feed.) However, here’s what it boiled down to:
  1. Keep telling yourself you’re a writer.
  2. Remember the passion (of being a writer, not other subjects, but this could apply in other areas. In fact, keep this in mind for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.)
  3. Write something terrible.
Baby rides a motorcycle? Wait, what?! (Just kidding!)
Baby rides a motorcycle? Wait, what?! (Just kidding!)
The theme for this week is Keep it real, people, and set the bar low. Face it, sometimes life won’t let us get any loftier than writing something terrible. But that’s okay.

Keep writing and get your word count in!

- Kim

*Two thousand one hundred and thirty-six real words, because I'm not counting the stuff I didn't actually put in, which technically makes my word count way higher.

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